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Our Bonus to You for Joining the MSIC

If you are a medical illustrator (that meet our criteria) and you have ten or more of your images accepted into the Medical Stock Images Company website then we will send you a £15.00 (convertible into Dollars & Euros) Ken Bromley Art Supplies Voucher just as a thank you for joining us.

This is before we start sending you royalty payments and remember it costs nothing but time to join the MSIC.

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If you love art then you will love Ken Bromley Art Supplies. We have been a big fan of Ken Bromley Art Supplies for many years. They have a huge selection of the quality artist materials that medical illustrators needs on their online store. With worldwide shipping starting from £6 it doesn't matter whether you are in Newcastle or New York, Surrey or Sydney you can buy from Ken Bromley and get it fast. The £15 vouchers we send out get converted at the check out if you are looking at the products in your local currency. So wherever you are, if you are a medical artist join us today and benefit from shopping with Ken Bromley Art Supplies - 

Buy your art materials online with Ken Bromley Art Supplies