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The Medical Stock Images Company

The Medical Stock Images Company

Supplying Medical & Anatomy Images for License

We supply the finest quality medical stock images. As a customer you can license images with confidence knowing that all of our medical illustrations have been created by certified medical illustrators. Use our powerful search & filter functions to find your perfect medical and anatomy images.

Health and medical communication by certified medical illustrators 

We believe that when communicating messages as important as those related to health, medicine and science that you cannot afford to compromise. Medical illustrations & images are powerful communicators within these fields, so they  need to be have been created by artists that ensure they are medically and anatomically accurate.

This is why The Medical Stock Images Company only provide images created by certified medical artists & illustrators. By ensuring that our images are created by those who uphold the standards of the recognised professional bodies in medical illustration, we give you, our customers confidence in the images that you license from us.

Medical Image Search Tool

You will also want to find the right image quickly for your needs and this can be done using our powerful search and unique filter functions located in the top navigation bar.

Licensing Terms

We grant perpetual licenses for broad usage categories for your convenience and we will tell you quickly if there are restrictions and you cannot license & use an image for a particular purpose.