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Breast augmentation images

No pair of breasts look exactly the same, they can be of all shapes, and sizes. There are many factors that can lead to changes in the shape of the breasts, including breastfeeding, pregnancy, genetics, age, weight, and exercise. Regardless of these variables, breasts can also have one defined shape throughout somebody’s life. These shapes can broadly be listed as:
  • Archetypal: the one used as a model for most bra manufacturers. It is round and full, slightly pointed in the nipple.
  • Asymmetrical: when the two breasts are a different shape or dimension. This is actually very common, and the variation can be of more than a cup size.
  • Athletic: Wider, more presence of muscle and less of breast tissue.
  • Close-set: Located right in the center of your chest, with little to no separation between them.
  • Side-set: Opposite to the previous ones. These have larger spaces between them.
  • Conical: more typical of smaller than larger breasts. They are closer to look like a cone than to look round.
  • Slender: narrow, long and with loose breast tissue.

There are different augmentation procedures that can be undertaken to augment the breast. These include subglandular and subfascial breast implants.