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About us

Why the Medical Stock Images Company was Created

The Medical Stock Images Company was founded with the view to enhance the quality and availability of stock medical illustrations and medical imagery through only using certified medical artists. The business approach to carry this out in a way that is both equitable and ethical.

Certified Medical Artists

The Medical Stock Images Company will only make available images for licence that have been created by certified medical artists and medical illustrators. This provides our customers with the highest level of reassurance when using our images. To trust purchases that play a vital part when used in medical and health related communications. Why compromise with medical stock images that may not have been created by a certified medical artist.

Equitable & Ethical Approach to Business

The equitable approach to business means sharing an equal revenue from each licensed image with the artist. We believe in a fair approach to doing business. For our customers it means they will be able to choose from the very best anatomical and medical imagery because we can attract the top artists and photographers from the medical illustration industry.

The ethical approach to business extends into our charitable donations. Instead of donating ad hoc charity donations we are committed as a business to donate a minimum 1% of our turnover each year to environmental charities. This is certified by our membership to the 1% for the Planet Organisation - So far this charity has achieved amazing things and raised more than 100 million dollars.

Joanna & her business partner have been making donations via 1% for the Planet for more than four years. The goal to increase these donation year on year. So far donations have supported a range of environmental campaigns from funding rhino and elephant anti-poaching patrols, turtle conservation, orang-utan protection, elephant orphanage support to supplying special anti-snare collars for the endangered African Wild Dog. And at home supporting the conservation, welfare, protection of wildlife such as the badger and the hedgehog.