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Artists Sign Up Form

The process to become a contributing artist on the website is straightforward. It all starts with you completing the form below and then its a simple process.

Once you have complete this form we will send you through a Word document to complete with for website bio and the information we need to pay you. There is also a contract to sign and we will need you to provide evidence of your professional memberships. With this all returned to us, and your certification checked we will then send you out a template image submission form, one of each needs to be completed for each image you send to us. Images are sent with their accompanying information via data transfer services such as DropBox or WeTransfer.

If you have any questions about joining you will probably find the answer on our Artists FAQs page.

We hope that we will be welcoming you to the Medical Stock Images Company - simply complete the form below to start the process so you can start earning your fair share on your back catalogue of medical images!