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Artist Information

We believe that high quality medical images help often complex messages get communicated to their audiences. We understand the time investment and skill that a qualified medical artist brings to the field of communications of medical and scientific knowledge. The Medical Stock Images Company was formed to bring together the best medical images, from the best medical illustrators with the companies and organisations that value quality and accuracy in the images they use.

If you are a certified medical illustrator with the copyright for five or more medical images that you would like to license and be paid a fair price for licensing why not join us?

We believe in an equitable and ethical approach to our business so we split the revenue (net of transaction costs*) equally between us and you, the artist/illustrator. We also give 1% of the company's total turnover to environmental causes each year.

Why you should license your images through us

We feel that we are giving the best deal for certified medical illustrators to make money from their back catalogue of medical imagery. An equal share, but also pricing of the images that values your skill and time in the creation of these works. You will join fellow certified medical illustrators, not be lost in the noise of vast stock image websites that take images from anybody and are racing to the lowest price to attract their customers. Our customers value your accuracy, quality and skill. Your work appears alongside your professional peers.

Will people know they are my images?

Yes, we ask every contributor to complete a bio section about you, your experience and qualifications, your style and you can link back to your own website in case people wish to contact you directly to commission custom works for them. On the detail page of each of your images it lists your name and links back to your bio page.

How do I join?

Go to the artist sign up page and complete the form. We also explain the process of what will happen after you complete the form.

I want to sign up>>> 

What does it cost to join?

Nothing just your time and effort in completing the paperwork for your bio and for each of the images that you submit (minimum of five images must be accepted for administration reasons). No outlay on your part and we pay your image licensing revenue quarterly.


*What are the transaction costs?

The transaction costs, or deductibles as we call them in the contract, include any sales tax (VAT), the payment gateway cost (1.9% +£0.20) and the 1% for the Planet contribution. This means that if there is no tax on the transaction both you and us get about 48.5% of the price you see on the site. An equal share.