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Founded by Joanna Culley & Tim Butler, the Medical Stock Images Company sees all of its contributing artists as part of the team too.

Joanna Culley - Medical Artist

As a professional medical and scientific artist Joanna's ongoing contribution to the website will be the provision of highly detailed anatomy drawings and paintings using traditional media such as watercolour and graphite pencil as well as using digital media. The aim to eventually illustrate all of the body systems and to be made available on this stock site. 

For Joanna to have qualified as a medical artist her training involved being taught by professors of anatomy with cadavers and dissection at the Royal College of Surgeons’, London through the Medical Artists' Education Trust. This training and knowledge brings about the high attention to anatomical detail in the art she produces.  

Tim Butler - Business Manager

Numbers, planning and digital is Tim's remit within The Medical Stock Images Company. With a background in sales and consultancy as well as having digital expertise Tim's role is to manage the behind the scenes technology.

Having started his first online business back in 1998 Tim's business acumen will be key to making sure that the numbers add up and results in an equitable business and a company to be proud of. A company that will be donating a percentage of its revenue to environmental charities and for the protection of wildlife.