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Licensing with The Medical Stock Images Company

We want to bring a fresh new way to licensing the very best medical images from certified medical illustrators. Our approach is founded on our principles of a fairer business is better for everyone. 

Our images are licensed on broads rights managed terms. We understand that if you want to use an image for marketing it is likely that you want to use it in print and online, so we license image use by categories of usage to make things easier for you. This means that your one license purchase will cover you across a wide range of mediums and so you get more out of an image.

Our images are licensed perpetually so you don't need to be paying fees every year to use the same image. Pay once for your company (or for each project if you are an agency) and no worries about on-going costs or licensing renewals.

Our images are only by certified medical illustrators. We only accept images from people who are professional / full members of organisations with the highest standards in medical illustration such as the AMI and MAA. This means that they are properly trained & educated in medical illustration to ensure the quality and accuracy of their work.

Our images are by some of the best & most experienced medical illustrators because we treat our contributing artists fairly by splitting the revenue equally with them. This means that you can select & license from the creme of the medical images available.

20220210-Understanding-Our-Licensing-V1 from Joanna Culley on Vimeo.


Our Image Sizes & File Specifications

Our images are available at a range of sizes, the largest available for a specific image being constrained by the size it was created at. The majority of the images on this site have been created by hand either digitally or in traditional mediums such as pencil and watercolour. This also means that the relative dimensions of the images are unique. Below is a guide to the typical sizes of images based on the largest dimension, but please check the image(s) you are interested in individually to ensure that the files provided at a size level meet your specific requirements.

Size // File Type // Color Mode Typical Number of Pixels on Largest Dimension Size @ 72dpi Size @ 300dpi
 Small / JPEG / RGB 600 8.3" / 21.2cm 2" / 5.1cm
Medium / JPEG / RGB 1200 16.7" / 42.3cm 4" / 10.2cm
Large / TIF / CMYK 2400 33.3" / 84.7cm 8" / 20.3cm
X-Large / TIF / CMYK 4000 55.6" / 141cm  13.3" / 33.87cm
Maximum / TIF / CMYK >4000 55.6"+ / 141cm+
13.3"+ / 33.87cm+

Image Size Inconsistencies

The image sizes will not always correlate with the above table because of the variance between the master image. Not only may some sizes not be available, but also some may have less pixels on its largest dimension than shown above. 

Image File Formats

The smaller sizes are supplied as JPEG format images, typically compressed at 'Maximum' (10) Quality, in RGB color mode. This is because they are more likely to be used online only at these sizes. The Large and above sizes are supplied as TIF files, CMYK color mode without any compression. Files that are RGB can be changed to CMYK color mode and vice versa in an application such as Adobe Photoshop® although you may experience a slight hue change. All files are zipped for the downloading process.

Downloading and Accessing the Image Files

When you have completed the purchase of an image license you will immediately be provided with a link for each of the images files ordered so that you can download them. You will also be provided with a unique link via email from which you can download the file(s). Please download the files immediately as for security the download link will expire.  

If you have any issues please see our Licensing FAQs page for answers to common queries. If you still have a query please email to get in touch.

If you require information on our licensing terms and the specific licensing categories that we operate please either:

Download the medical stock image licensing standard terms or

Read the image license category information.