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License Type Specifications

We have six different license types from which you can choose. This determines how you can use the medical images that we license on this site.

Images must only be used for the defined licensed use, and for a single project / and by a single business only.


The six uses are:

  1. Marketing (inc print & digital)
  2. Publishing Books (inc print & digital versions)
  3. Publishing Magazines (inc print & digital versions)
  4. Educational & Academic Use (inc digital & journals)
  5. Software & Applications (inc EHRs & Apps)
  6. Patient Consent Forms (inc print & digital)

 These licenses are defined in more detail as follows:

1. Marketing (inc print & digital)

Using the image to promote a product, service, business or organisation. Marketing uses may include the following:

Use on or in promotional websites, print, television and digital adverts, billboards, leaflets, flyers, business cards, email marketing, brochures & catalogues, exhibition stand graphics, promotional posters that are not for sale.

When a business licenses from us an image which is to be used for an end client's project you can sub-licence that use on a one time basis only to that client and only for that project. If the same image is to be used by you for a different client or for another project by the same client you must obtain another licence from us for the other end client or other project. 

The same rules apply if the medical image is intended to be used directly by you to promote your own product or service. You can use it for one campaign or one project but beyond that you would need another licence from us.

The Marketing license also includes the use of an image in any animation, film or other moving image sequence provided it is limited to a single client , single project as above. 

2. Publishing Books (inc print & digital versions)

Using the medical image within a 'book' including using the image within the cover design of the book. 

The image or images licensed from this site must not constitute the primary content of the book (for example an anatomy picture book). The definition of book includes both printed and digital books. A single license will cover both the digital and printed version of the same book. A single license will cover multiple editions of the same book.

You must have separate licenses for the use of an image for each book with a different title. 

If the licensed image is used on the front or back cover, as a whole or in part, a credit to must be included within the book's credits page. If the licensed image is used on the cover of the book, the image of the book's cover may be used in any marketing for that book only without the need for an additional marketing license(1.).

3. Publishing Magazines (inc print & digital versions)

Using the image in a magazine or newspaper format, whether physical (printed) or digital. A single license covers both digital and printed versions of the same magazine or newspaper and can be used in different editions. A single license cannot be shared between different titles within a publishing group. 

4. Educational & Academic Use (inc digital & journals)

Use of the image by teachers, lecturers or other academic staff within their teaching materials, in printed and digital format including lesson notes, presentations, handouts. Academic institutions may use this license for images that are reprinted and reused, but only for students within their own academic institution. Educational use does NOT included the production of books or materials that are then resold into the education or other sectors. Educational or professional journals can license images using the category where the publication is a recognised 'journal' in its field.

5. Software & Applications (inc EHRs & Apps)

Using the image in electronic systems whether on-premise, online, and on any digital devices. This license type covers, but is not limited to electronic health records systems (EHRs), mobile & desktop Apps and websites that function as an application rather than simply marketing communications. For example use of images within commercial eLearning systems would require type 5 licensing. 

6. Patient Consent Forms

Use of the image in order to obtain consent by a patient or guardian for any type of clinical procedure whether in printed or digital form, this includes the use of images physically separate, or shown separately, to a patient consent form, but where the image is used in the process of obtaining patient consent.

Restrictions on Image Licenses

Where a license type is not available for a specific image, (we show this on the site by saying that it is not available to purchase)

Therefore you must not circumvent this by obtaining the image file by buying a licence for an alternative use then actually using it for some other use.

It is strictly against the terms of this site and breaches of this restriction, and any other types breach of contract, will be vigorously pursued.

Combined Use Licenses

The license usage groups have been designed specifically for your convenience so that it is highly unlikely that a specific organisation may require a license type that covers more than one category. If you feel that you have a highly exceptional case that would warrant a hybrid license for more than a single license category then please email with detailed information on your requirements.