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Artist FAQs

If you are thinking of joining as a contributing artist or you have already joined you may have some questions for us. Many of the popular ones are below so please read them before you email a question to the team.

What organisation's professional memberships do you accept as certification of my standing as a medical illustrator?

Professional / full membership (i.e. not student or associate memberships) of the following organisations are accepted as proof of your professional standing:

  • The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI),
  • Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI),
  • Medical Artists Association of Great Britain (MAA),
  • Association Européenne des Illustrateurs Médicaux et Scientifiques (AEIMS).

If you are a member of another specific medical illustration professional body which you believe will qualify you as a certified medical artist then please email with full information and membership proof. 

When will I get my royalty payments?

We send out royalty payments every quarter along with a report of your image license sales.

How do I get my royalty payments?

If you are in the UK we will make payments directly into your bank account. For contributing artists that are outside of the UK we will pay you either via your PayPal account or via an international bank transfer. Note that your royalty payment will be net of bank charges incurred if you are outside the UK. 

How many images can I submit?

The minimum you can submit is five initially, but there is no upper limit on the number of images that you can add to your portfolio on 

Are there any restrictions on the images that I can submit?

Your images cannot infringe anyone else's copyright, nor can they have license restrictions that we cannot reproduce within our license categories. If you have a specific question on a specific image you should submit it with an image submission form completed and raise the question on that form.

You must also never submit images from another artist under your name even if you have their permission. Art under you or your businesses name must be by an identified medical artist who is a member of a recognised professional body.

How are my images protected for unauthorised use?

All of the images that we have on the site, both preview and the downloads, are digitally watermarked with a technology that allows tracking of their use. This watermark is not visible but we can track their use - we don't go into the detail of this system for obvious reasons. It is in our interest to prevent unauthorised use and to take action against anyone who uses an image in any way that falls foul of our T&Cs. Preview images are also visibly watermarked to discourage unauthorised use.

How does the image selection process work?

We review all of the images submitted for inclusion on the website to ensure that they fit with our objectives and what our customers want. If we feel that your image does not fit with our customer needs we may choose to not include it within the website. 

I have submitted some images and some are live but others are not, but I haven't been told that they are rejected. What is going on?

In order to deal with cataloging the images on the site properly the process takes some time. Therefore we have to prioritise image upload. Where images have not been rejected but are yet to go live it is because they are simply queued waiting for upload to the website.

I had an email rejecting an image because of insufficient information - why?

This will be because your accompanying image submission form is missing some information. It is important for our customers to have good information on the images within our library, therefore we ask the artists to be detailed in their submission of information for each image - after all as the creator of the image you know it better than anyone. More information also means that your image is more likely to be returned in search.

Do I get exactly 50% of the sale price as my royalty?

No, you get 50% of the sale price after any deductibles from the transaction. Deductibles include any sales tax (VAT), the payment gateway cost (1.9% +£0.20) and the 1% for the Planet contribution. This means that if there is no tax on the transaction both you and us get about 48.5% of the price you see on the site.

What if I don't want to give One Percent for the Planet on my sales?

Then you won't be on the website. There is no opt out. If you don't want to give just 1% towards environmental causes then we don't want you on the site.


Still can't find the answer to your question?

If your question is not listed or properly answered above then please email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.