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Women's Health Nursing

Within this Women’s Health Nursing section we offer a diverse collection of expertly created medical illustrations that help illuminate the health issues that women can present.  Primary care nurses will advise on areas such as menstruation problems, breast disorders, urinary and reproductive infections, fertility and sexual health questions, birth and pregnancy. When medical illustrations are used between a doctor and a female patient for example, medical illustrations can be very useful to help explain a medical condition or complicated medical terminology that is often understood in an instant, as opposed to a patient reading pages of written text.

Women’s health does involve sensitive subject matter and this is where our medical illustrations also offer a much better alternative compared to photographs. Illustrations more naturally convey information when its sensitive subject matter, such as giving birth and pregnancy. A view inside the female body is also possible with a medical illustration and these types of views are very helpful within education and doctor and patient discussions. Often a single illustration can explain a medical condition or terminology in an instant as opposed to pages of text.  This is why our medical illustrations, created by certified medical artists specialising in women’s health, are so popular and have been used by the NHS, Spire Healthcare, Clear Passage Physical Therapies, Austin Urogynecology and many others health care institutions and business around the world.