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Medical Stock Images Company Presentation at the International Festival of Business 2016

Posted by Joanna Culley on

On the 30th of June 2016, Tim Butler of the Medical Stock Images Company presented the businesses plans for becoming a successful international business. The Medical Stock Images Company (MSIC) was one of ten finalists in the national Open to Export Action Plan Competition that were asked to present their plans and then face questions from an expert panel.

What did the presentation involve?

Limited to just four presentation slides, each of the talks were to showcase the business owners’ depth of planning of the export approach and how they were to overcome the specific challenges of operating outside of their home market. Tim’s presentation explained the basis of the business, to showcase the talent of medical illustrators, and help them realise their value for this creative talent. The topic was particularly relevant as that week at the International Festival of Business (IFB2016) was ‘Creative Week’. Some of the other creative talent that was on show at the IFB2016 included Aston Martin’s latest car and two horse sculptures.

International Festival of Business 2016 Horse Structures

The structure of the businesses presentation

Tim’s presentation seemed to go down well, accompanied by four images taken from the website; a skeleton image for the bare bones of the idea, a heart for the passion, a brain illustration for the thinking behind the plan and finally an image of a superficial dissection showing the anterior view muscles – to represent the action behind the plan.

The expert panel included:

  • Lesley Batchelor OBE - Director General, Institute of Export and CEO of Open to Export,
  • Mark Pountain - Managing Director of Charles Farris Ltd, as well as a past winner of the Open To Export Action Plan Competition, and
  • Ian Ballentine, Director of Procurement, Heathrow Airport

They asked some insightful questions after the presentation, especially regarding how the Medical Stock Images Company can set itself apart from the generalist and existing competitors in the marketplace.

Announcing the competition winner

The winner was announced at the end of the day. Ann Attridge of Klik2Learn Ltd, were worthy winners with their very innovative language training system that is already been sold into India and France. We wish them the very best for their business and all of the finalists will be keeping in touch to share further ideas and experiences. We are also grateful for the runners up prizes that we received courtesy of the sponsors and all of the organization, by Pauline Coulter and Lesley Batchelor of Open to Export.

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