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Medical Stock Images Leads Anatomy Body Painting Workshop

Posted by Joanna Culley on

On Friday the 6th October, the Medical Stock Images Company’s Joanna Culley led a Body Painting workshop at Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI) conference held at Nottingham University, UK.

The workshop involved painting human muscle anatomy on the bodies of three life models! It was a great chance for people attending the conference to sign up and enjoy 2 hours of body painting onto live people, which is certainly not something you get to do every day!

Role of the Institute of Medical Illustrators

For almost 50 years the IMI has worked hard to define the standards required of medical artists and ensured that these high standards are maintained throughout the profession.

To be a member of the IMI you must be a highly skilled medical art specialist, as there is no margin for error when it comes to producing medical art that can be used for educational and training purposes.

The IMI conference gives medical artists from around the world the chance to meet in one place to share knowledge and ideas with a number of workshops and an awards ceremony to recognise artists achievements within the industry.

The Medical Stock Images Company were certainly thrilled to be able to host a workshop at this year’s conference!

man being painted

Anatomy Painting with Live Models

Using live models offered a different experience for a number of the medical artists and medical photographers at the conference and certainly generated interest amongst those attending.

The workshop offered a chance for medical artists and medical photographers to showcase their knowledge of human muscle anatomy and paint muscle, bones and tissue on our live models in textbook-like detail to show what lies beneath our skin.

An interesting feature of using live models is that the muscle being worked when performing various movements can be demonstrated clearly as the muscles are superficially visible on the surface of the skin!

body painting anatomy models

Thank you!

Lastly, the Medical Stock Images Company would like to say a big thank you to the IMI, Melvin Bond for his fantastic photography, everyone who attended our workshop and our three live models! We hope it wasn’t too difficult washing all the paint off!

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