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Healthy Kidney Cross-Section and Surface (2 Image Pack)

Joanna Culley

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Image Description:

Two image pack containing both the surface anatomy of a kidney including adrenal gland with renal arteries and veins and the ureter and the cross-section of a healthy kidney (images 10007 & 10008). Images match in terms of size, shape and color palette so ideal to have both images from the same family. Buying the 2x image multi-pack saves 30% on the cost of buying the images separately.

Image File Sizes (each image):



Inches (@300dpi)

cm (@300dpi)


430 x 600px

1.4 x 2.0”

3.6 x 5.1cm


859 x 1200px

2.9 x 4.0”

7.3 x 10.2cm


1717 x 2400px

5.7 x 8.0”

14.5 x 20.3cm


2861 x 4000px

9.5 x 13.3”

24.2 x 33.9cm


3874 x 5416px

12.9 x 18.1”

32.8 x 45.9cm

Anatomy Visible in the Medical Illustration Includes:

Kidney, adrenal gland, ureter, renal arteries, renal veins, cortex, fibrous capsule, major calyxes, renal vein, renal artery, ureter, renal papilla, minor calyxes, medulla or renal pyramids, arcuate vein, arcuate artery, interlobular artery, interlobular vein.

Joanna Culley



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