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Male Pelvis Posterior View with Lumbar Spine

Joanna Culley

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Image Description:

This is the male pelvis posterior view along with the lumbar spine. The pelvis is the structure that connects the axial skeleton to the lower limbs. The connecting lumbar spine is the third major region of the spine below the cervical spine and thoracic spine. The lumbar spine is made up of five vertebrae bones and each vertebra is positioned on top of the other. Between each vertebra is a gel-like cushion called an intervertebral disc. The discs help to absorb pressure, distribute stress, and prevents the bony vertebrae from grinding against one other.

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Anatomy Visible in the Medical Illustration Includes:

Iliac crest, tuberculum of iliac crest, posterior inferior iliac spine, superior rmus of pubis, ischuial spine, inferior ramus of pubis, ramus of ischium, obturator of foramen, ischial tunerosity, posterior superior iliac spine, coccyx, sacrum, sacroiliac joint, hip bones, intervertebral discs, lumbar spine, vertebra.

Image created by:

Joanna Culley


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