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Eduard Müller

Eduard Muller Medical Illustrator

Eduard is a published medical illustrator and graphic/animation artist with solid 35+ years of experience.

Eduard has completed over 2,000 high-quality illustrations published in 60+ medical education books (SanomaPro and Duodecim Publishing, since 2002).

Subjects include nanotechnology, human anatomy, physiology, physiotherapy, clinical care, care for the elderly, child care, neurology, women’s diseases and childbirth, drug treatments, general therapy, surgery, first aid, radiology, biochemistry.

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Master of Arts, St. Petersburg School of Graphic Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1982

Bachelor of Medicine, Petrozavodsk State University, Pertozavodsk, Russia, 1973


InDesign CS, University of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland 2005

Photoshop, Freehand and Web Production, Jyväskylä University of Technology, Finland, 1998 

Computer Graphics, Jyväskylä AIKO, Finland, 1996

International Trade Education, Jyväskylä AIKO, Finland, 1994

Calligraphy School, Tallinn, Estonia, 1987

Photography Course, Tallinn, Estonia, 1985

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