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Fetal Images

Our large collection of illustrations shows every stage in the conception and development of embryo and fetus, up to and including birth. We also offer packs showing fetal development in every week, every month, and significant weeks in fetal development. Many of our illustrations are available both with and without labels.

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Conception and Implantation

FOETUS DEVELOPMENT WEEK 18Conception occurs when a sperm penetrates the outer shell of an egg and enters to fertilise the egg.  Once fertilised, the cell that is created by the sperm and egg starts dividing. When the cell has divided into 16-32 cells it is called the morula stage. The next stage is the formation of a blastocyst, which is able to hatch out of the zona pellucida and attach to the uterine wall. When the blastocyst implants successfully into the uterus then pregnancy is achieved. The stage from conception to implantation is called the germinal stage.


Embryonic Stage or Embryogenesis

The embryonic stage of development starts after implantation and is when all the major organs and structures are formed up to about 8 weeks from fertilization. 


Fetal Stage

The fetal stage of development lasts from around 8 weeks after conception until birth. During this stage, the sex organs, bones, muscles, brain all develop and grow further. 6 Week Fetal DevelopmentFinally, the respiratory and digestive systems start to work independently. At the end of week 39 of gestation, the fetus is considered full-term.


The birth of a child, or labour, has three distinct stages. The first stage, or latent phase, is when contractions cause the cervix to dilate. At this stage, contractions may be irregular and may last hour and even days before the next stage starts. At the start of the second stage, the cervix is fully dilated. At this stage, the baby will move down the birth canal towards the vagina. When the baby is born, the third stage of labour starts. The third stage is when the womb contracts and the placenta is expelled through the vagina



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