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MSIC Working with Videregen

Posted by Joanna Culley on

The Medical Stock Images company were delighted to work with Videregen Limited on a very exciting project. MSIC were tasked to create the medical illustrations for the Videregen website to show the stages of organ replacement for the trachea, small bowel and liver.

What Do Videregen Do? 

Videregen specialise in organ replacement products and were created to help overcome the desperate shortage of organs currently available for transplantation procedures. With an ageing population in the UK the chronic shortage of organs is becoming an increasing issue, putting greater financial pressure on the healthcare system.

To help find a solution to this issue Videregen use platform purification technology. This process produces acellular biological scaffolds from a variety of tissues and organs without causing significant changes to the natural three-dimensional structure of the source material.

When seeded onto this scaffold, autologous stem cells respond to the material’s unique topographical properties and this provides the signal for them to differentiate into the specific organ cell-types. After implantation, the cells multiply to repopulate the scaffold and develop specific biochemical and physiological functions, therefore creating a living organ from the patient’s own cells, reducing the chance of that organ being rejected by the body.

Videregen Trachea

To demonstrate the process involved in Videregen trachea organ regeneration the Medical Stock Images Company produced medical illustrations demonstrating the organ replacement process.

The illustrations identified the visual appearance of a diseased trachea and how a tissue engineered trachea looks. The work Videregen are doing in this area is very important and it was great to see Videregen’s work recognised with €6.8 million awarded in funding by Horizon for a Videregen trachea trial. This funding will be used to financially support Phase II of the clinical trial into the company’s tissue engineered replacement trachea.

The Medical Stock Images Company are certainly delighted to have worked on creating the illustration that helps to raise awareness and understanding about trachea regeneration and the replacement process.

Trachea Replacement Process Diagram

Small Bowel

In addition to creating the illustrations for trachea replacement, the Medical Stock Images Company also provided the illustrations to better demonstrate Videregen’s small bowel organ regeneration process.

To treat bowel diseases, a bowel transplantation is an option, but this is not a simple procedure and only returns a 50-60% survival rate at 5 years. Videregen’s small bowel replacement aims to improve the chance of a positive outcome for the patient. In order to provide a better understanding of the bowel regeneration process Joanna Culley of the Medical Stock Images Company produced an intuitive illustration demonstrating the details of the procedure. 

Bowel Organ Replacement Diagram

Overcoming a Shortage of Donor Organs

Videregen’s mission is to help find a solution to the shortage of donor organs and improve the availability of organs for transplantation procedures. It was certainly an exciting project for the Medical Stock Images Company to be involved in and it was particular interesting to produce the medical illustrations for the Videregen website.

If you require medical illustrations of the trachea, then the Trachea and the Trachea with Stenosis or Narrowing are both available to license.

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